Minggu, 04 April 2010

blogging from hospital

Assalamu alaykum..
Waa I must stay at hospital.. Just detected typhus fever after 2 days of fever. I hope you all are always healthy.
About the last posting, I did the photoshop effect. If you would like to request any other transformation from runway designer, feel free to contact me :)
Thank you for reading and following this blog. Alhamdulillah tealovecoffee has reached 100 followers.
I would like to thank Allah who encourage me to create this blog. I've got a design request from rumahjilbab.com a few months ago, and last week vannara-online.com contact me to hire me. Tomorrow supposed to be my 1st day work at vannara but Allah has different plan. Hoping to get well soon and start working at muslimah fashion company as soon as possible.

Ps: how to post a picture from mobile phone? Hmmm...