Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Paperdoll Again, Boy & Girl

Ines said on my previous Paperdoll Project that the girls in her class loved the paperdoll, but the boys also wanted some to play! :D So here I'll post them ^^ Sorry for taking so long for blogging, too lazy to think what's next to write on Tealovecoffee *lazy syndrome*. Sometimes I just feel like losing my creativity, hahaha :p

Free Printable Hijab Girl Paperdoll

The girl version, click for larger image

Free Printable Boy Paperdoll

The boy version, click for larger image
*Sorry for not being able to draw more boy clothes... It's easier to draw girl's clothes, hahaha

I'm getting lazier to post because:
1. For DIY Projects: don't have any idea. But you can check my sidebar (Gogirl! Article by Me) if you want to see a few articles I wrote for Gogirl! Web Magazine ;)
2. For daily style: I usually take a picture in my room, but I don't want to wear shoes coz it will crap my floor -___- stupid reason isn't it? Hahaha... And I'm too shy to take a pict outside because none of my family knows about this blog ;p