Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Graduation Day of My Friends

In my campus, Graduation Day is a day when you could meet your old (um, not so old!) friends. March 13, 2010 was my friends' graduation ceremony.

And now my status is no longer Fresh Graduate... There are many Fresher Graduate than me :D
I've found it really hard to choose my own life path after college. To work on a company or to make my own company. For those who are questioning where do I work now, I'm working at an insurance company as a consultant that allows me to have my own working time. Means, I don't have to be at the office 8 to 5.

Sometimes I think maybe it's better to find an office job for financial stability. Just like what other graduates do. But the other time, I know that living a live like this would allow me to do many things I dream of: to study design (not yet), to make an online shop (still a little but it's okay for the start), to make a business (still being kept as a secret ;p), and some other dreams I have no bravery to write them here *blushing*

Why I didn't plan my future when I was still at college? I had no vision. Just don't know what I want for life. Everything was so easy & perfect to me: a complete family, best high school, good college & good grades, being lecture assistant, being cumlaude graduate. And then, welcome to the real world. I've just found my true dreams a few weeks ago, after months of searching.

For those who already have visions of life (not blurry like what I have before: "Being a good person, go to heaven, bla bla" --> not that it's bad, but we need to know what actions we should do), congratulation :)
You should keep going to reach them. And believe that you could, as for Allah, there is nothing impossible.

Um, sorry for writing so much here...