Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Elie Saab Inspiration for Party

Elie Saab's haute couture collection will dazzle your eyes. The fabric texture, the flowing maxi dresses... aaaaahhhh... soooo prettyyyy!!!!

Add a simple jacket/blazer and you're ready to go!

Use chiffon blouse + necklace for shape shifter

Wear bodyfit abaya for maximum coverage. Not transparent anymore :D

Source of Elie Saab's picture:

AWARD from Ajjah

1. thank and link the person who gave u the award
i got this from 3 f's
thank youuu ^^ If I didn't get this award from you, I'll give you this award coz you have a sweet blog!

2. pass the award to bloggers you recently discovered and think are fantastic
fira who always amaze me with her edgy fashion style
wulan whose blog is always nice to read: fashion and life tips
fiminin, 3 girls who runs fashion blog and awesome styles just like magazine
luchie whose blog make my eyes happy... DIY, creative reviews....

ummm... will continue this later... *why do I only remember fashion blogs...? omygod*

3. contact said blog to let them know they've won the award

4. seven things bout yourself
I'll speak about myself as the third person here.
(1) she is a random abstract thinker
(3) she had painting lesson at 6 years old but stopped at 2nd meeting coz she didn't like to be taught how to draw *silly little girl*
(4) she's a very berry sensitive person. Can't stop crying when watching My Name Is Khan.
(5) had 2 session of driving lesson but still being afraid to drive on her own
(7) wait,,, where's number 2 and 6??? blah blah
*she is too introverted to tell anything to anyone ;p*
*um, maybe 'introvert' is just an excuse for laziness -____- *