Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

White and Black

Salaam :)

1. Thank youuu dear mba Amesh from Dreamesh ^^ I've got my giveaway package today, yayyy!!
She is sooo right when she wrote 'Giant faux pearl necklace'... the necklace is soooo big! But I love it :D

2. Thank you my dearest Mommy who bought me a beautiful loose white blouse and black & white fabric.. ^^
The skirt is actually a sheet of fabric (not yet sewn). And I combined the giant necklace from mba Amesh with smaller necklace to make it longer.

Nowadays there are many designs of blouses that can be worn by muslimahs to go to a party/formal occasion.. But too bad they usually have beautiful details at the chest--that is supposed to be covered... I'm not sure about this white blouse... But I think the front pleated details can be somehow a shape shifter... hmmmh what am I talking about?? @_@