Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

First Entry and Blog Giveaway

Okay, it's not the giveaway of mine, but other blogs :)
I've been loving to read dreamesh blog (I'm a silent follower). Amesh, the blog owner is so creative, she has a line of batik handicraft shop, and her blog is full of lovable things. And now she held a giveaway of her clothes!
Amesh's lovable header

And there's a book giveaway at Dela's blog: Books of Dela :) you can choose to win the tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess, or Man & Wife from Tony Parsons.

And look our first entry of Emoticon Look alike :D A sweet entry by Farahdiena. Thank youuu girl!

Thanks for visiting this blog... I don't have any creative thoughts to share right now... hehehe... See you again ;)