Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

First Entry and Blog Giveaway

Okay, it's not the giveaway of mine, but other blogs :)
I've been loving to read dreamesh blog (I'm a silent follower). Amesh, the blog owner is so creative, she has a line of batik handicraft shop, and her blog is full of lovable things. And now she held a giveaway of her clothes!
Amesh's lovable header

And there's a book giveaway at Dela's blog: Books of Dela :) you can choose to win the tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess, or Man & Wife from Tony Parsons.

And look our first entry of Emoticon Look alike :D A sweet entry by Farahdiena. Thank youuu girl!

Thanks for visiting this blog... I don't have any creative thoughts to share right now... hehehe... See you again ;)

13 komentar:

  1. oh thank you for posting my giveaway.. u're too sweet!! xoxo

  2. hehe... love your blog a lot, mba amesh :D

  3. aw thankyou thankyou thankyouuuuuuuuuuuu :)
    &yeah im indonesian

  4. asik.. banyak giveaway.. menuju tkp ah..

  5. hihi, yg ekspresi itu lucu bener deh potonya...^^

  6. makasi uda post disini.. :)

    emoticonnya itu lucu banget! LOL

  7. mengabarkan berita gembira ya...
    bagus tuh idenya....

    bisa dicontek kalo pas bingung mo posting apa. hehehee

  8. hahahaha...
    ada yg ngikutin emoticon tia juga..

  9. walopun katany gak ada ide.. tp nih.. adaaa ajah hal yg bisa tia postingin... hihi.. saluttt!!! ^_^

  10. tia, thanks for the info yaa.. :)

  11. @ all: iya silakan ikut giveaway2nya :) menyenangkan banyak giveaway hehehe


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