Rabu, 24 Februari 2010


Assalamu alaykum... Today:

24 February is my birth date.. hehehe...

A day when suddenly your wall of Facebook is full of comments..
A day when a lot of people prays for your best...
A day when you're reminded that you're getting older, getting closer to the end of your life :)

Thank you Allah for letting me live this day, letting me breathe the fresh air, letting my blood runs in my body..
Thank you Allah for letting me have a wonderful family, letting me have a beautiful life...

My happy family went to Papa Rons Pizza. We like it more than the other Pizza restaurant :p

The food. Recommended: French Fries with meat, barbeque sauce & mozarella; loaded to the max Original Pizza

Me at a quiet plaza at Surabaya. The only place you can find Papa Rons in this town :)