Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

White and Black

Salaam :)

1. Thank youuu dear mba Amesh from Dreamesh ^^ I've got my giveaway package today, yayyy!!
She is sooo right when she wrote 'Giant faux pearl necklace'... the necklace is soooo big! But I love it :D

2. Thank you my dearest Mommy who bought me a beautiful loose white blouse and black & white fabric.. ^^
The skirt is actually a sheet of fabric (not yet sewn). And I combined the giant necklace from mba Amesh with smaller necklace to make it longer.

Nowadays there are many designs of blouses that can be worn by muslimahs to go to a party/formal occasion.. But too bad they usually have beautiful details at the chest--that is supposed to be covered... I'm not sure about this white blouse... But I think the front pleated details can be somehow a shape shifter... hmmmh what am I talking about?? @_@

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010


Assalamu alaykum... Today:

24 February is my birth date.. hehehe...

A day when suddenly your wall of Facebook is full of comments..
A day when a lot of people prays for your best...
A day when you're reminded that you're getting older, getting closer to the end of your life :)

Thank you Allah for letting me live this day, letting me breathe the fresh air, letting my blood runs in my body..
Thank you Allah for letting me have a wonderful family, letting me have a beautiful life...

My happy family went to Papa Rons Pizza. We like it more than the other Pizza restaurant :p

The food. Recommended: French Fries with meat, barbeque sauce & mozarella; loaded to the max Original Pizza

Me at a quiet plaza at Surabaya. The only place you can find Papa Rons in this town :)

Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Wedding Inspiration

Assalamu alaykum...

Hehe... it's not like that I will get marry soon (but, if you pray so, amin! :p)
I just wanna share my sketch of muslim wedding outfit... Do you think it's proper enough?

Materials: Baby pink lace fabric ("kain brokat"), good quality of broken white fabric (maybe curtain's fabric hehehe) for outer dress.
Give some layers of lace drapery at the chest to hide your curve...
And for Javanese people, add some jasmine strings for head accessories ;)

Source of picture:
background: microsoft clipart
some lace brushes from (I'm sorryyyy I forgot which one I downloaded)

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

First Entry and Blog Giveaway

Okay, it's not the giveaway of mine, but other blogs :)
I've been loving to read dreamesh blog (I'm a silent follower). Amesh, the blog owner is so creative, she has a line of batik handicraft shop, and her blog is full of lovable things. And now she held a giveaway of her clothes!
Amesh's lovable header

And there's a book giveaway at Dela's blog: Books of Dela :) you can choose to win the tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess, or Man & Wife from Tony Parsons.

And look our first entry of Emoticon Look alike :D A sweet entry by Farahdiena. Thank youuu girl!

Thanks for visiting this blog... I don't have any creative thoughts to share right now... hehehe... See you again ;)

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

What's Your Emoticon?

Assalamu alaykum.
Hehehe... Saturday night at home... Boring.. Let's play Emoticon! Nah, actually this is not a game. I've just challenged myself to mimic some emoticons (from Yahoo Messenger)
Sooooo.... tadaaaa...
Oh no. Why I did such a stupid thing like this.

[Now I challenge you to do this. The best one will be featured on my blog----hahaha, is it great or not? Ummm.. I guess it's not that great, Tia :p]

While surfing, I found a nice blog: Sisterswhoblog. The owner, Ambermisk, reviews some of muslimah's blogs of certain topics & interests.
And I was featured there!! ooohhh thank youuuu Ambermisk ^o^

Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Secret Project :p

Well, maybe you've noticed I haven't been blogging for some times. I've did a secret project: making articles for Gogirl! web :D
Thanks to Cynthia who told me that Gogirl! has published (some of) them ^^

Muslimah styles to go to campus

 Thank you Gogirl! ^_^

Haha. Stupid face :p

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Deliciously Sweet

Blueberry cheese cake I bought at Pasar Atum Surabaya, for IDR 7.500 8500 per slice. Yummy! Deliciously sweet!

What I want to tell you:
First: I greatly appreciates your kind expression of sympathy in the previous post.
Second: I am sorry if I haven't been blogwalking to yours for some times
Third: Thank you very much for those who still be a reader of this blog :)

Last Sunday I went to Gramedia Expo with my Mom, there's a Franchise Exhibition. Hmmm.... Made me want to have my own franchise business, hehe.
What I wore:
Thrifted shirt (from Mom), black training pants (doesn't look like training pants, huh? :p), Mom's bag, black shoes, DIY zebra bangles.
Well, I guess this outfit made me look older than 22... Everyone called me "Ma'am" at the exhibition -___-"

Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

A Tribute To Grandpa

I wish I could hold his hands, help him walk, tell him stories, visit him more often... I am so sorry... Bye bye, Grandpa... Hope you'll find a better place..

Thursday, January 28.

With love, your sons, daughters, grand children, and big family.

It's been a week now.