Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

White and Black

Salaam :)

1. Thank youuu dear mba Amesh from Dreamesh ^^ I've got my giveaway package today, yayyy!!
She is sooo right when she wrote 'Giant faux pearl necklace'... the necklace is soooo big! But I love it :D

2. Thank you my dearest Mommy who bought me a beautiful loose white blouse and black & white fabric.. ^^
The skirt is actually a sheet of fabric (not yet sewn). And I combined the giant necklace from mba Amesh with smaller necklace to make it longer.

Nowadays there are many designs of blouses that can be worn by muslimahs to go to a party/formal occasion.. But too bad they usually have beautiful details at the chest--that is supposed to be covered... I'm not sure about this white blouse... But I think the front pleated details can be somehow a shape shifter... hmmmh what am I talking about?? @_@

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010


Assalamu alaykum... Today:

24 February is my birth date.. hehehe...

A day when suddenly your wall of Facebook is full of comments..
A day when a lot of people prays for your best...
A day when you're reminded that you're getting older, getting closer to the end of your life :)

Thank you Allah for letting me live this day, letting me breathe the fresh air, letting my blood runs in my body..
Thank you Allah for letting me have a wonderful family, letting me have a beautiful life...

My happy family went to Papa Rons Pizza. We like it more than the other Pizza restaurant :p

The food. Recommended: French Fries with meat, barbeque sauce & mozarella; loaded to the max Original Pizza

Me at a quiet plaza at Surabaya. The only place you can find Papa Rons in this town :)

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

First Entry and Blog Giveaway

Okay, it's not the giveaway of mine, but other blogs :)
I've been loving to read dreamesh blog (I'm a silent follower). Amesh, the blog owner is so creative, she has a line of batik handicraft shop, and her blog is full of lovable things. And now she held a giveaway of her clothes!
Amesh's lovable header

And there's a book giveaway at Dela's blog: Books of Dela :) you can choose to win the tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess, or Man & Wife from Tony Parsons.

And look our first entry of Emoticon Look alike :D A sweet entry by Farahdiena. Thank youuu girl!

Thanks for visiting this blog... I don't have any creative thoughts to share right now... hehehe... See you again ;)

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

What's Your Emoticon?

Assalamu alaykum.
Hehehe... Saturday night at home... Boring.. Let's play Emoticon! Nah, actually this is not a game. I've just challenged myself to mimic some emoticons (from Yahoo Messenger)
Sooooo.... tadaaaa...
Oh no. Why I did such a stupid thing like this.

[Now I challenge you to do this. The best one will be featured on my blog----hahaha, is it great or not? Ummm.. I guess it's not that great, Tia :p]

While surfing, I found a nice blog: Sisterswhoblog. The owner, Ambermisk, reviews some of muslimah's blogs of certain topics & interests.
And I was featured there!! ooohhh thank youuuu Ambermisk ^o^

Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Secret Project :p

Well, maybe you've noticed I haven't been blogging for some times. I've did a secret project: making articles for Gogirl! web :D
Thanks to Cynthia who told me that Gogirl! has published (some of) them ^^

Muslimah styles to go to campus

 Thank you Gogirl! ^_^

Haha. Stupid face :p

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Deliciously Sweet

Blueberry cheese cake I bought at Pasar Atum Surabaya, for IDR 7.500 8500 per slice. Yummy! Deliciously sweet!

What I want to tell you:
First: I greatly appreciates your kind expression of sympathy in the previous post.
Second: I am sorry if I haven't been blogwalking to yours for some times
Third: Thank you very much for those who still be a reader of this blog :)

Last Sunday I went to Gramedia Expo with my Mom, there's a Franchise Exhibition. Hmmm.... Made me want to have my own franchise business, hehe.
What I wore:
Thrifted shirt (from Mom), black training pants (doesn't look like training pants, huh? :p), Mom's bag, black shoes, DIY zebra bangles.
Well, I guess this outfit made me look older than 22... Everyone called me "Ma'am" at the exhibition -___-"

Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

A Tribute To Grandpa

I wish I could hold his hands, help him walk, tell him stories, visit him more often... I am so sorry... Bye bye, Grandpa... Hope you'll find a better place..

Thursday, January 28.

With love, your sons, daughters, grand children, and big family.

It's been a week now.