Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Got some awards

Yayyyy!! Big thanks to Ghaida from gdagallery and Sami from Written Messages who gave me awards..
1. From Ghaida:

Well, I must admit that blogs update which I always waiting for are: aifasuitcase, gdagallery, ice blended vanilla, my milk toof, and psimadethis. Thanks for being sooo inspiring!

2. From Sami

The Haute Mess Award!
After googling I know it was named Haute Mess Award because the award maker is A Haute Mess.
Well, this award supposed me to pass it to minimum 3 blogger. I'll pass it to gdagallery, daily fashion muslimah, and stylecovered.

7 FacTs aBoUt mE:
  1. I love love love love doing something creative!!!!
  2. I am an industrial engineer
  3. I've never been abroad
  4. I'm not so fashionable in daily life (haha, it's true!) Too lazy to mix & match. I'll put more effort if there's special occasion :p
  5. I always bring oil paper since my face is so oily.. yuckk..
  6. I share shoes & bags with my mom. Mom and I have the same shoe size. Lucky me :D
  7. I don't like horror movies. I like drama-comedy.