Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Gone fishing

Whoaa... first post of 2010!!
Hehehe... I'll post some topics:
  • Alhamdulillah, it's been a lot of joy since I bravely wrote my hidden creativity to this blog. It's pretty relieving, hahaha... Thank yooouuu dear aifa for giving me Creative Blog Award (you should check her blog, she's soo talented!)

  • Last Saturday I was in a not-girly-mood.. I didn't want to wear something sweet. So, I put on boyish clothes. I've just realized, looks like I wanna go fishing -___-'

Shirt: Kota (it's my mother's, yeah she bought it in boy's boutique), vest: Korean (given when I was at 6th grade. Surprise it still fit me!)
  • I've been really really really dreaming this to happen. My sketches. My own boutique.

 I hope I can realize my sketches!

Well, sorry for being so me-me-me... Have you ever felt something that makes you sooo excited, like there are so many butterflies on your stomach, you want to write down your ideas and make a to-do list, but don't know what to do first? Hehe, I'm feeling it now... Ya Allah please help me to realize my dreams (and my reader's too), amin.
Have a great day!