Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Do I love purple??

Have you been in those times when you peek at your wardrobe and find nothing to wear? Nothing looks good on you, and then you'll just take the same piece of clothing that you wear over and over again?
Hehehe... I call it: Bad-clothes-day!

My go-to piece when the Bad-clothes-day come.

Stripey purple-grey shirt/denim skirt/big bag (I can put my laptop there)
I've been wearing those stripey purple shirt maybe hundreds of times... It's becoming shabby. Hmmm I think I should buy another go-to piece.

And when the mood of mix & matching comes...

Flower dress/bels/purple shirt/black cardigan.
Too bad that's not a real flowery dress (it's just a piece of fabric, hahaha)

I'm sorry if I have not replied your comments/visited your blogs, been busy lately... inshaAllah I'll try to catch up this weekend... ^^
For the dressup doll: Please wait for the next set and the boy version :)

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  1. i heart purple.

    ah, i know that feeling, when you stand up in front of your clothes, and find nothing to wear, whereas a lot of clothes stuck there, right?
    i always had those moments, moments when i thought i should go to nearest mall, and bought something new!

    ahaha, whatever. you do it in right way. i see no mistake in your match. :)

  2. aku suka rok jins nya itu...

  3. hwii bukan dress ya mbak tia? cuma kain dililitin gituh? tapi manis kok.. aku suka tas putihnyaa betewe maksudnya foto efek biru merah yang manaaaaa?? #bertanya2

  4. Ehehe
    Good idea tuh yg kainx cm d lilit
    Bisa dipake hangout bneran g y?

  5. Ehehe
    Good idea tuh yg kainx cm d lilit
    Bisa dipake hangout bneran g y?

  6. I do! I do love purple. ehehehe.

  7. yah, saya juga pernah rasa bosan dengan itu wardrobe. sometimes too much clothes but still empty n bored!!! hehe.
    ps: purple for life! :)

  8. Ih, purple emang lucu tia, mau pale mau dark purple sekalipun hihi.

    Aku juga nyadarnya kalo pas difoto, lah ko aku difoto pake baju ini lagi ya? haha...

    Btw, ada award untukmu say, jangan lupa diambil yaa.. :D

  9. I guess I'm almost bad-clothes-day all the time..hahahaha..
    everyday,I just stucked in front of my closet and dunno what to wear..and it ended up with me wearing my jeans and tee..haha

    love the purple stripe tee :)

    anw,,I just wanna say thankss for your comment on my blog, esp the feedback part..I really appreciated it :)..you've been soo nice to me..I'm still soo thankful for the header that you make for me :)..I send you my big thanks and hugss <333


  10. gyaa.. fully english blog!! #down
    #ahem sorry if I use the wrong structure or whatever.. 1stly I wanna say, "YES, I really know that feeling, when u stand in front of ur closet and feel that everything in it is garbage. blah.. I think it such kind of feeling that u need new wardrobes hehe.. 2nd: I like ur first style, so casual and goodlooking, and I love ur big bag :D but I don't like ur second style. I don't know is it caused by ur flowery dress or that red belt, but u look a bit fat there.
    p.s : nice header ^^

  11. hey there :)

    how are you?? i agree with you about looking clothes in you wardrobe but can't decide of what to wear. i am in the same way...

    i love your long denim skirt..looking good as always.

    sassy rica ^_^

  12. waaah, Tiananana sekarang lebih fashionable & modis ya?! Good job! *halaah*


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