Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Bad Shoes Day

Hahahahahahha I just wanna laugh...

I found this beautiful red wedges that my mom bought +-4 years ago. Still new, has never been used, kept neatly in the wardrobe. We've just forgotten that we had this wedge.

So I wore this wedge to the office this morning. And what happened next (in the afternoon) was a totally disaster.

Both the sole's are broken, the inside's fabric is torn
Hahaha should I feel ashamed? I just wanna laugh :D
So, lessons I've got today:
  1. Buy a high quality pairs if you need an everlasting shoes
  2. Just wear your shoes right away (don't keep it too long) or it will be torn by age (or, obsolete --> this is a word I remember from inventory management course, hahahahaha)