Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Bad Shoes Day

Hahahahahahha I just wanna laugh...

I found this beautiful red wedges that my mom bought +-4 years ago. Still new, has never been used, kept neatly in the wardrobe. We've just forgotten that we had this wedge.

So I wore this wedge to the office this morning. And what happened next (in the afternoon) was a totally disaster.

Both the sole's are broken, the inside's fabric is torn
Hahaha should I feel ashamed? I just wanna laugh :D
So, lessons I've got today:
  1. Buy a high quality pairs if you need an everlasting shoes
  2. Just wear your shoes right away (don't keep it too long) or it will be torn by age (or, obsolete --> this is a word I remember from inventory management course, hahahahaha)

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Mix & Match for 5 Days

Hehehe... it's not me, it's Noura... :p
I was too lazy to print & cut the paper doll so I had fun editing it by CorelDraw ^^

hehehe this is a very short post, I guess.. :D

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Quick Update

Why I don't miss my blog?
My Grandpa has been sick since last Saturday, I was too sad to write even a sentence or post a picture of me here. I also helped someone's final project so I have no time to think what to write..

Hope my Grandpa get the best from Allah..

okay, enough for now... will be back later...

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Do I love purple??

Have you been in those times when you peek at your wardrobe and find nothing to wear? Nothing looks good on you, and then you'll just take the same piece of clothing that you wear over and over again?
Hehehe... I call it: Bad-clothes-day!

My go-to piece when the Bad-clothes-day come.

Stripey purple-grey shirt/denim skirt/big bag (I can put my laptop there)
I've been wearing those stripey purple shirt maybe hundreds of times... It's becoming shabby. Hmmm I think I should buy another go-to piece.

And when the mood of mix & matching comes...

Flower dress/bels/purple shirt/black cardigan.
Too bad that's not a real flowery dress (it's just a piece of fabric, hahaha)

I'm sorry if I have not replied your comments/visited your blogs, been busy lately... inshaAllah I'll try to catch up this weekend... ^^
For the dressup doll: Please wait for the next set and the boy version :)

Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

DIY Paperdoll

The second paperdoll I made! ^o^ Yaaayyy...
When I knew that my previous paperdoll was downloaded by handmade beginnings and printed for her children, I felt sooo excited to make another paperdoll! This time, the paperdoll is much more simple. But I love this more :)

Printable Paperdoll--suitable for children
-click on the picture for larger image-

Will make another set, soon :)

PS: there's an abaya giveaway at Hijabstyle, will be ended at January 15th

Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Vintage skirt

Peeking into mommy's wardrobe, I found a vintage flowery skirt I loved to wear years before (and my mom used to wear maybe some decades ago :p)..

Shirt: mixit, skirt: Mom's, flower brooch: DIY, Photo color effect: aliceinunderland
Wore those outfit to Pusat Grosir Surabaya (PGS) with Mom. You can find clothes & jewelries there, which prices are cheaper than mall's.

How's your day? ^^
Hope it's flowery too ;)
Looks like now's a busy week for college students... Ganbatte, friends!
*Wow, I didn't realize that now I have no exam :D alhamdulillah

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I've bought a novel, Breakfast at Tiffany's, but haven't done reading it yet. It is said that Holly Golightly, the female character, is one of the most legendary-famous-stylish-woman at literature.

Source of picture: here
Then, why not making adaptation of her style? Using looklet.com is fun! ^^

Yeah, so simple. The modest and humble version of Holly!

Well, actually I've done a photo shoot of myself using black dress + necklace + eating Gery Chocolatos (miss Holly is a smoker, but we do not smoke, rite? :p). But due to the lack of jewelry, my style is not good to be published! Hahaha..

Good day!

PS: Thanks for riesta for giving me this award. Thank youuuuu ^^

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

DIY: Bag Organizer

Do you know bag organizer? Yup, small bag to put your scrappy belongings (cell phone, key, USB, tissue, bla bla) so that they won't be left when you change your bag (basically this product is created for GIRLS :D)

If you want to save money by making it your own, try this:

What's needed:
Yeah it's so easy. Of course you can make more compartments... Picture above was taken in hurry (not yet decorated) because I was so excited to put it on blog ^^
Yaayyyy... Now I have my own bag organizer!!!

What are the things you can't leave your home without?
For me: Cell phone, money, ID card, oil paper (hahaha), lip balm, idea book, and pen!

Got some awards

Yayyyy!! Big thanks to Ghaida from gdagallery and Sami from Written Messages who gave me awards..
1. From Ghaida:

Well, I must admit that blogs update which I always waiting for are: aifasuitcase, gdagallery, ice blended vanilla, my milk toof, and psimadethis. Thanks for being sooo inspiring!

2. From Sami

The Haute Mess Award!
After googling I know it was named Haute Mess Award because the award maker is A Haute Mess.
Well, this award supposed me to pass it to minimum 3 blogger. I'll pass it to gdagallery, daily fashion muslimah, and stylecovered.

7 FacTs aBoUt mE:
  1. I love love love love doing something creative!!!!
  2. I am an industrial engineer
  3. I've never been abroad
  4. I'm not so fashionable in daily life (haha, it's true!) Too lazy to mix & match. I'll put more effort if there's special occasion :p
  5. I always bring oil paper since my face is so oily.. yuckk..
  6. I share shoes & bags with my mom. Mom and I have the same shoe size. Lucky me :D
  7. I don't like horror movies. I like drama-comedy.

Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Gone fishing

Whoaa... first post of 2010!!
Hehehe... I'll post some topics:
  • Alhamdulillah, it's been a lot of joy since I bravely wrote my hidden creativity to this blog. It's pretty relieving, hahaha... Thank yooouuu dear aifa for giving me Creative Blog Award (you should check her blog, she's soo talented!)

  • Last Saturday I was in a not-girly-mood.. I didn't want to wear something sweet. So, I put on boyish clothes. I've just realized, looks like I wanna go fishing -___-'

Shirt: Kota (it's my mother's, yeah she bought it in boy's boutique), vest: Korean (given when I was at 6th grade. Surprise it still fit me!)
  • I've been really really really dreaming this to happen. My sketches. My own boutique.

 I hope I can realize my sketches!

Well, sorry for being so me-me-me... Have you ever felt something that makes you sooo excited, like there are so many butterflies on your stomach, you want to write down your ideas and make a to-do list, but don't know what to do first? Hehe, I'm feeling it now... Ya Allah please help me to realize my dreams (and my reader's too), amin.
Have a great day!