Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Sunday Shopping

What I got from shopping on Sunday:

Hahaha, gotcha! I won't buy those shoe because I can't afford it, and I even can't walk using high heels :p (Aku gak beli sepatu itu kok... Cuma iseng naruh gambarnya doank).
The truth is, I just gone to Carrefour and what I got were chicken, vegetables and fruits. Hehehe. I also found a stall outside Carrefour selling DVDs and I bought one: Penelope.

Forgive me God, I know what I did is a form of piracy :'( But I couldn't resist to buy it for only IDR 7K! Less than USD 1!!! I hope no police reads my blog.

Anyway here I'll post my wish list :D

A unique chandelier, comfy sofa, cute cushion pillow, a classic watch, funny sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, classic dresses in nude pink or white color, black maxi dress, quirky brooch, statement belt, nude color and purple flats! Want them!!!

What is your wishlist? :)

PS: If you want to give me one or some, I'll be grateful. Hahaha just kidding!

Pictures of fashion items were taken from Polyvore