Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Marc for Muslimah?

Sorry for the late posting, been busy for a while, and I haven't blogwalking to your blogs :(
But sure I will :) Oh my, it feels like time is too short & I can't be online for some times T_T

Here's some of Marc's collection (from Marc Jacob) for spring 2009. The transformations are dedicated for muslimah out there who wish . I like the vibrant colors of this collection, it makes me happy hehehe.

Modification: skirt
Modification: skirt & sleeves
Modification: sleeves + legging

In picture 1, wearing a jacket for outer wear is a good way to cover your chest. Viva modest fashion!!
In picture 3, I think the shoes doesn't match with leggings hahahaa...

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