Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

I'm on Hijabstyle :D

If you check this Hijabstyle link, guess who you can see: Me! Hehehheheheeehehe *laughing out loud*
I don't know, am I feeling happy or embarrassed coz I am a truly shy girl :p
Thank you Jana for the post (and for editing my bad-grammar, hehe) :D

And thanks for Desieria--my sweet-smart-friendly blogger friend--for giving me some awards:

I'll pass the award to..... wait I'm thinking... umm...

I know some of you has received this award, but it's okay coz the award says, "Loyal friend and visitor, butterfly, and your blog makes us smile." I always smile when I read your blogs, friends :) And thanks for visiting my blog...

Lately I'm being sooo excited to have my very own online boutique.... I need to find a good tailor!!!