Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Free Oriental Bento

No, I'm not gonna write oriental bento. It's oriental bag! Hehe. I've got a very unique bag from my m*th*r-in-l*w wannabe (amin!).
This bag is eye-catching, so let it be the center of interest. Wear simple outfit ^_^
Last Friday I wore: 

Grey dress I bought 3 years ago, luckily it has red flowery details to match the bag! :D
Today I wore:

 Vintage dress (Gedebage, IDR 10K = USD 1), owl necklace
Hmmmm I've just realized that colors in my closet vary around grey & black -___-" I'm a dreary person... yeah...

Question for readers:
Which do you prefer: simple basic outfit (that you can mix and match to create gorgeous look) or an already good-looking detailed outfit? Thanks for the answer ^^

Tomorrow's post: DIY Quirky (or Antique) Necklace (yup, I schedule the post ;D)