Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

DIY Shawl & First Award, yayy!! ^o^

Remember the Pink Dress from the previous DIY Project?
I've been thinking to make the leftover material into a skirt, a short, or a vest, but i know they require some effort (to cut or sew) and i'm too lazy >__<
So? The effortless idea is: to use it as a SHAWL! No sewing or cutting needed!

You should visit Cotton.ink to see the original version of this shawl. Of course theirs are better than mine because their shawls are seamless (convertible). But I'm pretty happy to play with my DIY shawl, hehehe. Next: make it into fringe shawl or just acid-wash it B-)
BTW if you like cotton.ink products, go vote them here.

And.... the happy thing this week about blogging is i got my first award from Ninneta!! Yaaayyyyy!!! ^o^
And I'll pass this award to these blogger friends... Actually I wanted to give everyone but that will be a long long list, so I chose friends who commented the most since November :) Thank you, new friends ^^

Good night :)