Senin, 28 Desember 2009

DIY: Pink Rose Ring

Long time not doing DIY projects! I have some photos for blog materials (from fashion to DIY projects) but I think I'll save them as scheduled posts when I get too busy to blog ^_^ Here's a DIY project I did yesterday.

Don't you love seeing this beautiful-fresh-pink rose? I wanna eat it!

Rose picture was taken from damiengallagher.

Want to add one to your finger? I've created some roses from paper and I guess it can be a cute ring...

What you need: wire & paper rose (make it yourselves or buy at craft shop). Curl the wire at your finger!

Well, at my finger it's not as cute as I had imagined.. So I think it is better for pencil accessories! Hahaha..

Do you want it? I'll give it for free! (I guess no one would want to wear it, hehehehehe)

*Materials I suggest to make better ring: good quality wire (bigger diameter) and clay rose

PS: the green ribbon picture is actually photoshop brush from here.