Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Again, fashion post.

I didn't expect my blog to be a fashion blog. When I first create this blog, I thought, "This is my canvas to pour what's hidden inside my creative brain!". Well, I guess mix & matching clothes are parts of creativity, too :p
1. Denim dress (Gedebage, IDR 15K) + cardigan, wore this for shopping with my mom today
2. Denim dress + sweater + necklace
3. Denim dress + shirt + pillowcase a.k.a sarung bantal (used as Obi, wahahaha)
See? One dress can be mixed into so many style. Love this denim dress! :D

And I'm wasting my time doing the last mix & match. Tadaaaa...
Don't try this at home!! Or people will think that you're a weirdo!

PS: I make a new signature at the corner of my pictures ^_^