Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Again, fashion post.

I didn't expect my blog to be a fashion blog. When I first create this blog, I thought, "This is my canvas to pour what's hidden inside my creative brain!". Well, I guess mix & matching clothes are parts of creativity, too :p
1. Denim dress (Gedebage, IDR 15K) + cardigan, wore this for shopping with my mom today
2. Denim dress + sweater + necklace
3. Denim dress + shirt + pillowcase a.k.a sarung bantal (used as Obi, wahahaha)
See? One dress can be mixed into so many style. Love this denim dress! :D

And I'm wasting my time doing the last mix & match. Tadaaaa...
Don't try this at home!! Or people will think that you're a weirdo!

PS: I make a new signature at the corner of my pictures ^_^

22 komentar:

  1. eh tea, is that a chanel bag? the red one?

  2. Great to see a jilbaber with a passion 4 fashion like you

  3. Great to see a jilbaber with a passion 4 fashion like you

  4. @ Ahi: yeah I guess so.. I found it in my mom's closet. I'm not into expensive fashion, so I just don't really care hehehe :p

    @ Cihud: thanks for stopping by ^^ Your blog is cool, too.. Hope you post again :D

  5. Hei kamu kamu kamu...
    Kreatif ih mix n match-nya..Hehe

    Btw,aku panggil tia aja gimana (berdasar url tiananana)?Kepanjangan nulis tealovecoffeenya hehe...

  6. aw aw aw.. tiananaaaa a.k.a tealovecoffee ^^

    cute mix and match :)

    anyway, i am lil busy (plus lazy) rite now, so i am rarely update my blog..huhuuu.. buuuut, after i saw your blog, owww so inspiring! it gives me some spirits to take care of my blog..hihi..thx yaaa..

    keep explore our crativity :)

    yes, me and you adore creativity SO MUCH! :)

  7. @ Elsa: thanks, Elsa ^^
    @ Desieria: wehehe akhirnya nama asliku ketauan. Boleh2 :D
    @ Ghaida: yaaaa, aku merindukan postingan di blogmu! Kreatif bgt ^^

  8. i love the cardigan and you look good!!! you can be creative in any way.



  9. ahaha. orait.
    eh, don't you have facebook?

  10. mba....obi yang ijonya bagus banget..

    beli dimana ituhh??

    suka ^ suka ^

  11. @ Azis: thanks ^^
    @ Rica: thank you, you look good too :D
    @ Ahi: yes I have, soon I'll put the link on my blog :)
    @ Nana: itu sarung bantalan kursi saiii :p dilipet2... Obi bohongan, hehehe

  12. hey i really like your blog, your mix n match n shawl styles are creative..

    salam dari malaysia ;)

  13. sorry, I need better pictures, such as:

  14. lucu..lucu..^^
    mix n match nya kreatif sangad :)

  15. @ redline: thank youuuu....salam dari Indonesia! ^^
    @ vicen: okay ^^
    @ devi: makasiii :)
    @ aifa: glad to see you! ^^

  16. hi there.. i found ur blog while blog hopping in HijabStyle and i think ur style is cool.. i love to mix match my clothes too but since im a bit big, its hard to really accessorize much.. but what u had in mind was exactly what i had in mind too.. one piece of clothes can be use several ways..

    nice talking to u..


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