Selasa, 17 November 2009

DIY Project: Lace Cardigan

I have an oversized-stretchy-pink-dress, which is, "The more you wash it the more it become oversize!"
Not good at all to be worn.
Time to be creative!

I wanted to transform it to a sweet cardigan, soooo....
The result:

It took about 30 minutes to finish all the work, pretty simple, huh? I'm planning to add more laces at the sleeve but I guess it'll be too much.
Don't know whether I'm confident enough to wear it or not ;-)

8 komentar:

  1. So pretty! You should wear it! Boleh minta alamat emailnya? thanks yah^^

  2. Yeah I wear it right now and my mother keeps complaining, hehehe
    alamat emailku, mbak ^^

  3. yak ampun! lucu banget idenya mbak!
    keren deh

  4. creatif bgt... keren... ^^ aku follow yaaa...

  5. waaaaaaaah...jadi lucu banget ya??? jadi pingiiiiiiiiiiiin... hihihii

  6. @ Caca: boleh :)
    @ Elsa: ayuukk bikin ^^ ditunggu fotonya kalo udah jadi, hehe


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