Selasa, 24 November 2009

DIY Project: Calendar Clutch

Okay, this DIY project was somehow fun :)
You can do it with your little sister :p

  1. Prepare: the cardboard of desk calendar, glue gun, flannel sheet, thin ribbon/rope
  2. Cut the flannel sheet to match the length (as seen on picture 2)
  3. Glue the flannel
  4. Insert ribbon to make a handle
Yeah this thing looks like unwearable, but it's just fun to create something new from unused items, hehe. I had the idea and feel like should do the project right away then, so this is it! :D
Tips: You can add flower brooch or gems or do some modifications to make it looks-more-like-a-clutch.
*The ribbon photoshop brush was downloaded from here. For a tips on using photoshop brushes, visit my article on February :)