Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Free Oriental Bento

No, I'm not gonna write oriental bento. It's oriental bag! Hehe. I've got a very unique bag from my m*th*r-in-l*w wannabe (amin!).
This bag is eye-catching, so let it be the center of interest. Wear simple outfit ^_^
Last Friday I wore: 

Grey dress I bought 3 years ago, luckily it has red flowery details to match the bag! :D
Today I wore:

 Vintage dress (Gedebage, IDR 10K = USD 1), owl necklace
Hmmmm I've just realized that colors in my closet vary around grey & black -___-" I'm a dreary person... yeah...

Question for readers:
Which do you prefer: simple basic outfit (that you can mix and match to create gorgeous look) or an already good-looking detailed outfit? Thanks for the answer ^^

Tomorrow's post: DIY Quirky (or Antique) Necklace (yup, I schedule the post ;D)

Senin, 28 Desember 2009

DIY: Pink Rose Ring

Long time not doing DIY projects! I have some photos for blog materials (from fashion to DIY projects) but I think I'll save them as scheduled posts when I get too busy to blog ^_^ Here's a DIY project I did yesterday.

Don't you love seeing this beautiful-fresh-pink rose? I wanna eat it!

Rose picture was taken from damiengallagher.

Want to add one to your finger? I've created some roses from paper and I guess it can be a cute ring...

What you need: wire & paper rose (make it yourselves or buy at craft shop). Curl the wire at your finger!

Well, at my finger it's not as cute as I had imagined.. So I think it is better for pencil accessories! Hahaha..

Do you want it? I'll give it for free! (I guess no one would want to wear it, hehehehehe)

*Materials I suggest to make better ring: good quality wire (bigger diameter) and clay rose

PS: the green ribbon picture is actually photoshop brush from here.

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

I'm on Hijabstyle :D

If you check this Hijabstyle link, guess who you can see: Me! Hehehheheheeehehe *laughing out loud*
I don't know, am I feeling happy or embarrassed coz I am a truly shy girl :p
Thank you Jana for the post (and for editing my bad-grammar, hehe) :D

And thanks for Desieria--my sweet-smart-friendly blogger friend--for giving me some awards:

I'll pass the award to..... wait I'm thinking... umm...

I know some of you has received this award, but it's okay coz the award says, "Loyal friend and visitor, butterfly, and your blog makes us smile." I always smile when I read your blogs, friends :) And thanks for visiting my blog...

Lately I'm being sooo excited to have my very own online boutique.... I need to find a good tailor!!!

Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Again, fashion post.

I didn't expect my blog to be a fashion blog. When I first create this blog, I thought, "This is my canvas to pour what's hidden inside my creative brain!". Well, I guess mix & matching clothes are parts of creativity, too :p
1. Denim dress (Gedebage, IDR 15K) + cardigan, wore this for shopping with my mom today
2. Denim dress + sweater + necklace
3. Denim dress + shirt + pillowcase a.k.a sarung bantal (used as Obi, wahahaha)
See? One dress can be mixed into so many style. Love this denim dress! :D

And I'm wasting my time doing the last mix & match. Tadaaaa...
Don't try this at home!! Or people will think that you're a weirdo!

PS: I make a new signature at the corner of my pictures ^_^

Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Not Only Today, But Forever

I'm not mourning. I just wear black.

 On my last trip to Bandung, I went to Gedebage market with my friend Danar. I bought this LBD (Long Black Dress--or coat?) for IDR 20K ($ 2). Yeah it's second hand, that's why it's so cheap!
But I love this dress (or coat? or abaya?). And it's fun to mix & match!

I'm only 22 but sometimes I wear something that makes me look much older. Some of my friends call me "Granny" -___-

PS: Pink shawl on the last picture is my DIY project hehehe! I cut the fringe from this previous project. ^_^

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Trip Tips #1: Business Class Train

ENGLISH mode: on

Welcome to my first bilingual article :D
Last Friday I decided to ride Parahyangan train from Cimahi (Bandung) to Surabaya Jakarta. Yeah, the train has no air conditioning. So,
Tips #1: Wear comfy outfit, doesn't mind if it's not fashionable, because it's gonna be sweaty.
Tips #2: Bring extra clothes so you can exchange your sweaty outfit as soon as you arrive at train station.

Poor me (and some other passengers), I bought the ticket on the same date (no reservation). And last Friday was the beginning of long weekend so the train was already full. We should pay for the same holiday price, which is, IDR 30K, but there were no seat available.
Lesson #1: Buying ticket spontaneously is good when you don't really know when you could go (if you afraid to reschedule for extra price), BUT not if you plan a trip on holiday. Buy ticket as soon as possible.

Tips #3: If you have no seat, you can go to train's restaurant (but yesterday it was full of people!) OR you can use newspaper and lend a cushion (IDR 3K) as a seat at any available space.

The rest tips are: Be Happy :D, talk to someone next to you, and enjoy the trip!
As soon as I arrived at Gambir station I exchange my clothes, wash my face, and tadaaaa... sooo fresh! ;)

No seat!


Selamat datang di artikel bilingual yang pertama di Tealovecoffee :D
Jumat lalu aku memutuskan naik kereta Parahyangan (tanpa AC) dari Cimahi (Bandung) ke Surabaya Jakarta.
Tips #1: Pake baju yang nyaman, gak modis juga gak papa! *soalnya ga ada niat mau tebar pesona hehehe
Tips #2: Bawa baju ganti, karena di perjalanan pasti keringatan!

Ternyata oh ternyata... karena beli tiket dadakan (dan hari libur pula!), kursi di kereta udah pada habis. Daripada ga jadi berangkat, belilah itu tiket dengan harga libur (Rp 30rb), tanpa kursi! Kebayang dong harus berdiri 3 jam. Tapi karena banyak yang senasib, gapapa lah, buat pengalaman :D
Pelajaran #1: Beli tiket dadakan bagus kalo kita gak pasti mau pergi kapan (misalnya masih ada urusan), daripada udah terlanjur beli tapi harus ganti jadwal. Masalahnya KALO pas liburan, sebaiknya rencanakan pembelian tiket dari jauh hari.

Tips #3: Kalo ga dapet kursi, pergilah ke gerbong restorasi (sayangnya waktu itu udah penuh). ATAU, bawa koran & pinjam bantal di kereta (Rp 3rb). Duduklah di tempat kosong antar gerbong.

Tips-tips lainnya: selalu bahagia dengan kondisi apapun, ngobrol dengan orang di samping, dan nikmati perjalanan :D
Sesampainya di Gambir, langsung cuci muka & ganti baju. Segarnyaaa! ^^

Long Time No Post

Sebenernya, 2 minggu terakhir ini aku sedang berlibur ada urusan ke Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta. Yayyy... Now I'm already home (Surabaya). Welcome to real world again, Tea :)
Now I can blog again.
But I guess no one misses my blog, hehehehe.

Life Lesson:
What you need for a happy day = HAPPY THOUGHTS, even for the worst case scenario.

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Marc for Muslimah?

Sorry for the late posting, been busy for a while, and I haven't blogwalking to your blogs :(
But sure I will :) Oh my, it feels like time is too short & I can't be online for some times T_T

Here's some of Marc's collection (from Marc Jacob) for spring 2009. The transformations are dedicated for muslimah out there who wish . I like the vibrant colors of this collection, it makes me happy hehehe.

Modification: skirt
Modification: skirt & sleeves
Modification: sleeves + legging

In picture 1, wearing a jacket for outer wear is a good way to cover your chest. Viva modest fashion!!
In picture 3, I think the shoes doesn't match with leggings hahahaa...

If you like this post, visit my other post: Chanel for Muslimah :)

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

DIY Shawl & First Award, yayy!! ^o^

Remember the Pink Dress from the previous DIY Project?
I've been thinking to make the leftover material into a skirt, a short, or a vest, but i know they require some effort (to cut or sew) and i'm too lazy >__<
So? The effortless idea is: to use it as a SHAWL! No sewing or cutting needed!

You should visit Cotton.ink to see the original version of this shawl. Of course theirs are better than mine because their shawls are seamless (convertible). But I'm pretty happy to play with my DIY shawl, hehehe. Next: make it into fringe shawl or just acid-wash it B-)
BTW if you like cotton.ink products, go vote them here.

And.... the happy thing this week about blogging is i got my first award from Ninneta!! Yaaayyyyy!!! ^o^
And I'll pass this award to these blogger friends... Actually I wanted to give everyone but that will be a long long list, so I chose friends who commented the most since November :) Thank you, new friends ^^

Good night :)

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Sunday Shopping

What I got from shopping on Sunday:

Hahaha, gotcha! I won't buy those shoe because I can't afford it, and I even can't walk using high heels :p (Aku gak beli sepatu itu kok... Cuma iseng naruh gambarnya doank).
The truth is, I just gone to Carrefour and what I got were chicken, vegetables and fruits. Hehehe. I also found a stall outside Carrefour selling DVDs and I bought one: Penelope.

Forgive me God, I know what I did is a form of piracy :'( But I couldn't resist to buy it for only IDR 7K! Less than USD 1!!! I hope no police reads my blog.

Anyway here I'll post my wish list :D

A unique chandelier, comfy sofa, cute cushion pillow, a classic watch, funny sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, classic dresses in nude pink or white color, black maxi dress, quirky brooch, statement belt, nude color and purple flats! Want them!!!

What is your wishlist? :)

PS: If you want to give me one or some, I'll be grateful. Hahaha just kidding!

Pictures of fashion items were taken from Polyvore

Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

I am Cullen, yes, the Vampire.

I am not a huge fans of Twilight Saga, but I know I enjoy the movie sooo much! :D
I had a weird idea to transform my face to a-little-bit-vampire-ish, sooo... tadaaaa....

Hahahaha I just wanna laugh!! It turned out that I look like a member of Kuburan Band... 

Nonton New Moon Sambil Manyoon

Yayyy!! Akhirnya nonton New Moon! Menurut postingan desieria tentang film ini, nonton New Moon sebaiknya sama suami/pacar/gebetan. Aku nonton sama teman2 kok, dan tetep seru! ^o^
Tapiiiiii.... yang ngeselin & bikin manyun:

  1. Temen di sebelah kiri sms-aaan terus ma gebetannya, menyebabkan ada cahaya silau -___-
  2. Temen sebelah kanan, karena dia udah baca novelnya, bosen. Dikit-dikit nanya, "Filmnya kapan selesai siiih kok lamaaa?"
  3. Mereka berdua suka ngasi tau kelanjutan adegannya, "Ntar dia berubah jadi serigala..." "Ntar juga Bella-nya jadi vampir.." "Ntar Bella nikah ma Edward" Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! $*@&%#@
  4. Temen 2 kursi sebelah kananku malah nyaris ketiduran -___-
O my God, kapan-kapan nonton film romantis gak sama mereka lagi deh, huahahahaha...

Adegan konyol:
Pas Jacob nolong Bella yang habis jatuh dari motor, Jacob langsung buka kaos buat ngelap darahnya Bella. Adegan itu lebaaaayyy! Terkesan si Jacob pamer otot-ototnya! :D Sebioskop ketawa semua!

Filmnya bagus, tapi gak seromantis yang digembar-gemborkan.. Atau akunya yang ga romantis? Wkwkkwkk... BTW, aku sukaaa tokoh Alice!!!

Habis nonton, foto dulu di depan gambar fotomodel. Cakepan fotomodelnya! :p

Newmoon Poster picture was taken from here.

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

That Shocking Cardigan

Still remember the DIY Project: Lace Cardigan? Well, I finally had the bravery to wear that shocking pink cardigan.
This is the first time I post my outfit, hehe. Pardon me, I'm far from the word fashionable.
First attempt: Black shirt, black scarf, jeans skirt. My mom yelled: "Why are you wearing those silly cardigan?"
Second attempt: Broken white blouse, black jeans, creme scarf. Just wear them in my room. Going nowhere. No one notice.
Third attempt: Checkered blouse, creme corduroy skirt, creme scarf. WITHOUT the silly ribbon + corsage. Wear them to my mother's office ^_^ My mom didn't complain, yaaayyy!!

Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Pajamas VS Lingerie

Salah satu sahabat mau menikah ^_^
Tentunya ke kondangan bawa kado donk. Bersama 6 orang lainnya, aku berencana patungan (bayar bareng-bareng), tapi karena cewe2 itu pada sibuk di luar kota, tersisalah aku yang harus beli sendiri.

X: Dikado apa nih?
Y: Seprei? Wajan?
Z: Gimana kalo piyama sepasang?
Tea (aku): Ide bagus!
X: Piyama seksi aja!!
Tea: Waa males bgt! Mana mau??
Y: Gapapa, kan udah nikah, udah halal donk!!
Z: Iyaaaa lingerie aja!!

Can't imagine, me go to cashier bringing a transparent sexy lingerie! Hahahahahaha

*It's not easy to find lingerie picture without getting linked to porn impolite site! Astagfirullah. That's a picture from a blog.

BTW, kalo kalian yang nikah, lebih suka dikado apaaa? Alat masak? Seprai? Handuk? Duit?

Senin, 30 November 2009

DIY: Daily Planner

Semasa kuliah dulu (halah kayak udah lama lulus aja -__-) aku punya 1 binder buat nyatet semua pelajaran. Supaya inget makin rajin ngerjain tugas, planner sebaiknya nempel di binder itu (menurutku).

What To Do? (1) bikin planner kompie, (2) print di kertas binder (atau kertas HVS yang kemudian dibolong-bolongin pake perforator) dan jreng jreng! You'll have your own daily planner you never forget to bring everyday :-D
Hint: ga usah pake komputer juga bisa, gambar tabel manual aja :)

Ini planner untuk binder ukuran A5, tinggal print ajah ^__^ Tapi cocokin juga sama margin kertasnya, karena 1 sisinya kan dipake buat binding-nya. Click for larger image.

Gambar 1: Daily planner-ku taun lalu, bikinnya pake CorelDraw. Gambar 2: Planner, bisa diprint untuk bulan apa aja. Hiasi pake gambar2 atau stiker.

Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Jangan Nonton Film 2012

  1. Kebelet pipis
  2. Jadwalnya pas di waktu solat
  3. Laper & ga bawa cemilan
  4. Wasir/ambeyen
Karena filmnya 2,5 jam! Hahahaha... Lama bangeet... daripada harus ninggal di tengah-tengah film ;)

Menurutku sih filmnya lumayan, ga rugi lah beli tiket bioskop (ya ampun telat bgt ya tu film diputer dari kapan, baru kutulis sekarang -__- maklum baru nonton). Efeknya bagus (that's what people said, right?).

Tapi kupikir ada beberapa kejanggalan di film. Kalo masih ada yang selamat, berarti bukan kiamat ya, cuma bencana global aja. Trus, cepet banget kondisi bumi balik ke bagus lagi. Padahal kan habis bencana besar-besaran, banyak mayat donk. Atau setidaknya tanah gak subur lagi, habis kena tsunami + gunung meletus :-/ Dan berdasarkan gambaran bencananya, burung2 yang terbang tinggi mungkin juga ga kena dampak ya?

What do you think? This is my point of view, I'm not a geologist... Maybe I'm wrong?

UPDATE: googling ke situs ITB...
Kiamat yang mungkin terjadi pada tahun 2012 sebatas kiamat teknologi yang mengandalkan satelit bumi.

Kamis, 26 November 2009

Noura Paperdoll Printables

Meet Noura, the paperdoll:

I've just made this hijab paper doll using CorelDRAW ^_^
Tips: You could print it or just open it on Microsoft Paint (or other picture editor software), copy, paste and drag the outfit to create the look you want. Hehehe.. Click for larger image.

To edit with Microsoft Paint, use the second image.
If you need the .cdr file, just leave a comment and write your email address. I'll send the file to your inbox.
Happy dress-up modestly, girls
If anyone has done the dress-up, I'd like to see the result
Rememeber to link me, hehehe..

Selasa, 24 November 2009

DIY Project: Calendar Clutch

Okay, this DIY project was somehow fun :)
You can do it with your little sister :p

  1. Prepare: the cardboard of desk calendar, glue gun, flannel sheet, thin ribbon/rope
  2. Cut the flannel sheet to match the length (as seen on picture 2)
  3. Glue the flannel
  4. Insert ribbon to make a handle
Yeah this thing looks like unwearable, but it's just fun to create something new from unused items, hehe. I had the idea and feel like should do the project right away then, so this is it! :D
Tips: You can add flower brooch or gems or do some modifications to make it looks-more-like-a-clutch.
*The ribbon photoshop brush was downloaded from here. For a tips on using photoshop brushes, visit my article on February :)

Minggu, 22 November 2009

DIY: Jilbab Pesta / Wisuda

Sekarang emang udah banyak sih stylist jilbab di salon... Tapi ada beberapa alasan yang bikin aku nggak suka:

Beberapa jilbab pesta yang didandanin orang salon. Bagus sih, tapi gak nyaman (dan biar keliatan cantik, angle fotonya cuma dari depan doang. Miring dikit keliatan tembem!)
  1. Jilbab dasar SELALU ditarik ke belakang tengkuk & kuping jadi sakit!
  2. Karena jilbab ditarik ke belakang, muka jadi keliatan lebaaaar
  3. Kalo longgar dikit, kuping bisa keliatan
  4. Jarum pentul dimana-mana
  5. Mau nengok kiri kanan juga susah (saking rapetnya)
Lho kok alesannya banyak banget yah. Makanya, untuk wisuda kemarin, aku ngotot gak mau masang jilbab di salon. Akhirnya dari hasil hunting ditemukanlah produk jilbab pesta yang udah ada kerut bunganya (Rp 50.000).
Untuk dalaman, pake jilbab instan yang biasa supaya kuping & leher ketutup. Baru deh pasang jilbab pestanya. Dibandingkan masang jilbab di salon (sekitar Rp 75.000), mendingan kan Do It Yourself :D

Bagian jilbab pesta yang kiwir-kiwir (aslinya untuk nutupin leher) dikepang di belakang.

Rabu, 18 November 2009

Will be off for 3 days :)

I'm going to Jakarta for a job interview. Wish me luck!

O ya, kalo nganggur, cobain deh ke yearbookyourself, huahaha... Di sana secara otomatis fotomu bisa berubah era ke foto jaman dulu. Emang loadingnya agak lama, jadi harus sabar :)

<-- picture of me when I was 6 years old, after yearbookyourself turns me to much more older look hahaha

Selasa, 17 November 2009

DIY Project: Lace Cardigan

I have an oversized-stretchy-pink-dress, which is, "The more you wash it the more it become oversize!"
Not good at all to be worn.
Time to be creative!

I wanted to transform it to a sweet cardigan, soooo....
The result:

It took about 30 minutes to finish all the work, pretty simple, huh? I'm planning to add more laces at the sleeve but I guess it'll be too much.
Don't know whether I'm confident enough to wear it or not ;-)

Minggu, 15 November 2009

Jeans Tote Bag

I like how people transform unused item to a useful one! I just found this great creativity by Re-Jeans (on Etsy). Visit the collections here :) Simple idea, but simplicity is always the best!

Jeans Tote Bag by Re-Jeans
Argh sekarang nyesel banget kenapa beberapa minggu lalu gak jadi beli jeans2 murah di DTC. Cuma 15ribu. Emang rencananya mau bikin tas jins... tapi lalu kepikiran: paling2 cuma semangat ngedesainnya doang, ga ada pelaksanaan! Now I want that cheap jeans pleaseee to make my own jeans bag....
Go Green! Nothing Wasted!

Chanel For Muslimah?

I've been blogwalking to aifasuitcase and I love the way she transforms stylish outfit to hijab-friendly one :)
Sooo inspiring!
Then I went to Elle's website, and found some cool outfits by Chanel for fall 2009 (haute couture). Visit the complete collection here.

And, tadaaaaa.... I tried to modify 2 of Chanel's outfit to be worn by muslimah :)

Modification: The layer at her back is used for scarf (hijab), addition at the length of sleeves

Modification: Addition at sleeve and skirt